Benefice of Ropley, Bishop’s Sutton and West Tisted
Benefice of Ropley, Bishop’s Sutton and West Tisted
Clock 18 Aug 2022

18th August 2022

8 years, 1 month, 31 days, and 19 minutes after the fire halted the hands on the bell tower clock at St Peter’s they are turning once more.

The dear old clock has seen many big events, but 2014 almost finished it off.

Clock Mechanism Before the Fire
The severely damaged clock mechanism following the 2014 fire

This is a major milestone and fantastic news!

From “Annals Of Old Ropley (Hampshire)”
By Marianna S. Hagen, published in 1929:

The Church Clock

On April 30th, 1902, a meeting was held to consider what steps, if any, should be taken to celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty, King Edward VII. Mr. R. C. Turner, Chairman of the Parish Council, presided.

Later on it was decided that a church clock, with two dials, if possible, should be erected.

The clock was officially started at noon on Wednesday, October 7th, 1903, and dedicated at the evening service on Sunday, October 18th, when an impressive sermon on “The value of time” was preached by the Vicar, the Rev. W. H. Leak.