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Benefice of Ropley, Bishop’s Sutton and West Tisted
Benefice of Ropley, Bishop’s Sutton and West Tisted

St Peter’s Bells – A History

Bell Records 1701 to 2014The PCC of St Peter’s Church are gratefully indebted to Alan Buswell and Rodney Skinner for compiling a detailed and comprehensive history of our bells – from 1701 until the fire.

Alan has graciously donated a copy of his bell history book to the PCC. To gain access to this, please initially contact

The background of this mammoth undertaking is explained by Alan:

I have been a bell ringer since my teens and since 1960 have collected references from our ringer’s magazine to quarter peals rung in every church, both in the UK and worldwide. As you will see, the references for Ropley came in useful. I also hold detailed records of every bell cast by Messrs Gillett & Johnston. These too, will be found in the book.

Upon hearing of the fire and of losing all (most) the Church records, I thought that, with the information I already had, and with some genealogy experience, I could put together something about the bells. I put this offer to Rodney Skinner who accepted the suggestion and he guided me, adding some of his local knowledge.